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From Vines to Wine - Harvest Magic 2024

The 2024 Harvest at Summerhill Heights Vineyard was an extraordinary day, thanks to the incredible people who volunteered their time to pick our Pinot Noir grapes. The weather was fantastic, creating a vibrant atmosphere as everyone immersed themselves in the unique experience of working among the vines. Afterward, we all gathered for an alfresco dinner on the lawn, savoring good wine and great company. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the team of 55 volunteers, hailing from various corners of the Canterbury region. Leon and Bronwyn thoroughly enjoyed your company.

We also want to acknowledge our adult kids, who return each year to contribute in myriad ways: from heavy lifting and setup to cooking, serving, cleanup, and pack-out. Your dedication makes us immensely proud.

Despite the challenges posed by different environmental factors, this year’s fruit was remarkably clean and disease free. However, the bunches were smaller, resulting in a light harvest. Nevertheless, we eagerly anticipate the 2024 vintage, entrusted to the capable hands of vintner Theo Coles.

The fruit has completed its fermentation stage and has been pressed, settling in a tank before its transfer to barrels. Then, it’s time to exercise patience and allow the Pinot to express itself fully.

Post-harvest, our three kids assisted in removing the nets and stowing them away.

The vines received a nourishing spray of organic fertilizer, ensuring they have all the necessary nutrients for spring growth and winter dormancy. As autumn sets in, the vines adorn themselves in spectacular glory.

Once again, Leon and Bronwyn extend their heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who contributed to the 2024 Harvest.

We’ll continue to provide updates on the progress of the 2024 Pinot Noir Vintage. 🍇🍷

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