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'Stroll the Naked Vines'

Indulge in a one-of-a-kind vineyard experience.  Book your spot on our 'Stroll the Naked Vines' tours.  You'll be able to sip on our carefully crafted wines at our cellar door (tastings 40ml each) which has incredible views after strolling the vineyard with Leon & Bronwyn, who will share their experience of their journey at their vineyard.  The vines have shedded their autumn leaves and the sunsets are spectacular over the vineyard and mountain views. 

Our 'Stroll the Naked Vines' and tastings are available Thursday to Sunday 4:45pm to 6pm

$30 per person for the tour of the vineyard while strolling through the gorgeous ever changing vines

Bookings by email or phone, details below
Happy to also do daytime strolls



What to expect:

We currently have 3 wines to taste (40ml tastings).

  • 2020 Pinot Noir

  • 2022 Pinot Noir

  • 2023 Pinot Rose

Approximatly one hour tastings and stroll the vines @$30 per person

Rose sunset.jpg
Autumn STV.jpg

If you choose to stroll the vines then sturdy footware is a must.  We currently have our leaf pluckers (sheep) working in the vines so there may be some sheep droppings to avoid.  Leon and/or Bronwyn will make you feel welcome and will be available to make your experience memorable and personal.  

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